Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Third times the charm

So I took a break from the Couch to 5k as anyone might notice. I still lost 15 pounds doing exercise on the Wii but life kept happening and my weight got stuck at 153.

Now I am restarting the C25K hoping that third times the charm. My motivation comes from both within and without. My within motivation is this lifelong dream of mine to be able to wear a bikini and Be HOT! A silly dream in the grand scheme of things but I have never been in good enough shape to even imagine putting a bikini on and going into public. I also want to be far I have lost two uncles in the last 6 months one to a heart attack and another to cancer. With so many health problems and risks already, I want to give my body every chance to be able to fight for itself. My without motivation came from watching the Biggest Loser. Watching 450 pound people exercise and losing hundreds of pounds of weight really puts my own excuses to shame. If someone that large can do jumping jacks and run on the treadmill and lift weights, then what is my excuse.

So before I began this restart, I spent a week just walking the dog everyday. This is going to be the one exercise I get up and do everyday no matter what. It makes the dog happy and gives me a good start to my day. In addition, I have been doing some OnDemand workouts with Jillian Michaels one of the trainers from BL. Today was my first day of week 1 on C25k. Wait til I give you the run down on it.

The story begins with a snappy 28 degrees of weather and a slightly frigid breeze. Brr...that is cold. I started out by walking the dog around the neighborhood takes 20-30 minutes to get all the way around without backtracking. I made sure to be nice and bundled up for the walk, but by the time we got back I was toasty under my three layers of tops, scarf, toboggan, and armwarmers (I hate gloves/mittens so I buy these instead...I may look like a hobo but I love them.). I dropped the dog off at the house and fed him, before taking off for W1D1. I left the scarf and armwarmers at the house since I was already hot from the dog walk. 8 out of 8 sprints!!! On the first day! I was so proud of myself.

My goal is to keep with this so that by the end of February I will have completed all 12 weeks and be in top running form. I plan to weigh in on Sundays so I'll update my blog with my new weight on those days. Say goodbye body fat...I will defeat you!

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