Sunday, June 7, 2009

Falling off the Wagon

So Friday morning I went and gave blood for the first time ever (I've had it taken before). I almost passed out afterwards when they told me to hold my arm up in the air.  I felt like I had been breathing laughing gas at the dentist. 

Unfortunately, it also sapped all of my energy for the day. I could not get up the energy to do anything. Besides the admonition not to engage in heavy exercise for at least 5 hours, I simply didn't have the energy to engage in my run for the day. I could not find the energy to do it on Saturday either.

I did do some Yoga on Friday morning so I don't feel to terrible about it. However, I do feel bad that Friday I consumed at least 200+ calories over what I want to eat to lose weight. I was down to 161.6 now I'm up to 162.2 not too bad. 

The good news that made me feel like I was accomplishing something hasn't been my weight loss, but the inches I have lost. I have lost an inch in the hips, an inch and 1/2 at the waist, and 1/2 inch at the chest (measured right under the breasts! Go me. My clothes are starting to feel a little better. 

Hopefully this coming up week I will do better about exercising everyday and sticking with my calorie goals. I looking to lose another pound and 1/2 this week to meet my WiiFit goal and hopefully another 1/2 inch at the hips, waist, and chest. If I don't meet those well I will try for the next week. 

To my followers...even when you fall off the band wagon, just run a little harder to catch back up and hop back on!

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