Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lack of Motivation or Just Plain Lazy

So for no apparent reason....

I have not done any exercising since Monday.

Is this a lack of motivation? Matt, Heidi, and Melinda are all out of town and I do tend to loose my motivation for life (not killing myself, just doing stuff in general) the longer Matt is out of town.

Or am I just plain lazy?

I have been busy this week. I have done my Bible study everyday except Wednesday. I went to Camp meeting on Tuesday. I went to the High School Ministry on Wednesday. I went to Heidi's house and took care of her animals and plants several times this week.  I went to the movies with Desiree. I washed some clothes and did the dishes. I did not kill the dog (this is monumental for me!). 

I think I am going to go with Option 1. Lack of Motivation. Fortunately, Heidi returns to town today. I've talked to both Matt and Melinda this week.  So hopefully I will re-energize for next week and get things back on track.

So starting next week I'm going to buckle down and exercise everyday even if it kills me!

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